Everything from the Oven Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Well Done

Welcome to the Hottest concept that has set the country on fire… Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza; a polished casual dining experience that serves up award-winning (USA TODAY), authentic coal fired pizza, oven roasted chicken wings, homemade meatballs, Eggplant Marino (named after partner and NFL hall of famer Dan Marino) and Anthony’s Classic Italian Salad. With over 60 restaurants across the country, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza has become a household name, delivering the signature “well done” taste.

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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Crave The Coal Fired Taste

“I have a simple approach to my menu – use the highest quality ingredients and charge a fair price. It’s not just the big things, or the little things – it’s Everything! Dough made fresh, in-house every day. Imported Italian plum tomatoes. Chicken wings that are never frozen. From the best Grande mozzarella to using only albacore tuna, you get the picture.
That’s the way we do things around here.”

Anthony Bruno, Founder

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

When Anthony says Authentic
he means it.

Here is just one of many examples that demonstrates his commitment to authenticity.

Once a year, Anthony flies in handpicked tomatoes from 19 different farms in Italy. He then blind taste tests all of them. When he finds the perfect one, he buys the entire crop and the tomatoes are canned just for us so we can deliver that perfect sauce all year long.

Take the journey with us as we make our way from the tomato fields in Italy to your table of coal-fired favorites!

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Tomato Fields