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Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Launches New Rewards and Gift Card Programs

April 10, 2017.What's Happening

ACFP Coal Fired Club Loyalty Card

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza has deployed its new Coal Fired Club Rewards and Gift Card programs to more than 60 restaurants. The new user-friendly rewards program enables guests to accumulate points with every purchase and earn bigger and better rewards.

By rewarding guests for eating the food they love with perks, such as a complimentary personal pizza when a guest registers, the new points-based Coal Fired Club Rewards program lets Anthony’s surprise and delight its most loyal customers. At the same time, it enables the restaurant brand to tailor specific offers to guests based on their likes and spending habits, and increase guest attendance and satisfaction.

Overall, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza expects its new loyalty program to deliver:

Greater Customer Satisfaction – By making guests feel special, welcomed and appreciated, the new loyalty program helps elevate Anthony’s brand while also providing an excellent experience from the time the guest walks in to the time they walk out.

Getting the Entire Team Onboard – To ensure that everyone, at every level, is aligned and knows how to successfully execute the loyalty program, Anthony’s trained each of its operations groups: corporate, regionals, general managers and managers. The comprehensive training program ensures that every member of the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza team understands its potential to increase guest frequency.

You can read the whole article here: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Deploys Paytronix-Powered Rewards and Gift Card Programs

“I recently visited your Edison location this past Sunday, and I would like to give your company a round of applause. The food was delicious! I can honestly say it was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had! Great food, great service! We will definitely be back!”
Lorraine W. Location: Ramsey, NJ
“Your food is consistently great, only to be exceeded by the outstanding service of [your manager and assistant manager].”
Howard S. Location: Boca Raton, FL
“I grew up in Pittsburgh, went to Pitt, and I am a huge Dan Marino fan! I have eaten at your place in Pittsburgh a few times and it’s amazing! We desperately need a place like yours in Nashville.”
Jeff H. Location: Pittsburgh, PA
“I recently visited your location in Orlando, FL and was amazed not only at the outstanding tasting food, but the atmosphere and service were also incredible.”
Frank P. Location: Orlando, FL
“We visited Florida in February 2013 and upon landing in Ft. Lauderdale, we stopped for lunch at Anthony’s Runway 84. During our 9 day stay, we had Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza and [went] back to dinner at Anthony’s Runway 84 just before departing from Ft. Lauderdale Airport. You are to be complimented because growing up Italian, we never ordered meatballs outside, but we tried yours for an appetizer and have had them several times.”
Joanne C. Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL